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We are a Jewish congregation in Brooklyn, where doubt can be an act of faith and all hands are needed to build our community.


High Holy Days Schedule 5775

Location Key

CF = Camp Friendship, 339 8th St. (between 5th & 6th Ave.)
MT = Mission for Today, 298 6th Ave. (at 2nd St.)
KC = Kolot Chayeinu, 1012 Eighth Ave. (between 10th & 11th St.)
PP = Prospect Park

Kol Nidre: Friday 10/3, MT

On Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur we welcome you to wear white as a symbol of purity, to refrain from wearing leather to honor all life, and when entering/exiting the service, to engage in quiet conversation or contemplation to honor the holiness of this day.

6 PM Service I

8:30 PM Service II

Yom Kippur: Saturday 10/4, MT

10 AM Service

11 AM Family service CF

1:30 PM Adult learning: “Sustaining Music, Changing Music.” Hear Kolot member and acclaimed composer Marty Ehrlich speak to the roles doubt and faith play in his music and musical practice.

3:30 PM Afternoon service including creative interpretations of Jonah and Avodah

5 PM Yizkor—Memorial Service

6:30 PM Neilah—Concluding Service

7:30 PM Community Break-Fast

7:30 PM Locally Grown (Kolot's 20s and 30s group) Heimishe Potluck Break-Fast at home of Kolot member Briana Carp in Kensington. Please bring a substantial vegetarian dish to share. RSVP to brynda120@gmail.com for exact address.

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Kolotniks at the massive People's Climate March. We were so proud to be part of the 400,000 strong! 

Roots/Judur/Shorashim: A Conversation on Palestinian Nonviolent Resistance and the Changing of Minds

video by Joe Friendly

Ali Abu Awwad and Hanan Schlesinger

Moderated by Rabbi Ellen Lippmann on Sept. 7 at Kolot Chayeinu

On the crisis and violence in Israel and Gaza:

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