Project Proposal Process


The Committee will then meet to discuss whether to "endorse" the project based on the following criteria:

1.      Is the project/activity consistent with Kolot's Mission and values?

2.      Does the proposer have the capacity to successfully lead the project?

3.      Are there enough interested people and resources to make the project viable?

4.      Is it doable?

5.      Is it good timing for Kolot?

If the answers to these questions are "yes" the Committee will work with the project leader to:

·       Publicize the project in the congregation according to our capacity

·       Facilitate access to congregational lists, resources and staff

·       Provide guidance and advice

·       Foster coordination to avoid duplication of efforts and

·       Work with the Kolot Chayeinu Executive Committee when necessary.

The purpose of the Committee is not to create a "litmus test" for social justice projects, but to encourage more metaphoric flowers to bloom and to remind all of us that the urge to repair the world lies with all of us, and its responsibility is in all of our hands. Kolot Chayeinu does not have the staff or leadership capacity to make such projects happen; rather, we seek through this committee to provide you with the guidance and expertise needed to make a project happen yourself.  As Kolot Chayeinu continues to grow, we cannot forget that as Jews we are obligated to actively pursue justice, not only within our community, but in the neighborhood, borough, city, country, and world in which we live.
All of us on the Eitz Kehillah Social Justice Facilitation Committee look forward to working with you as we raise the voices of our lives in service of a better world,

Rabbi Ellen Lippmann and the Eitz Kehilla Social Justice Facilitation Committee:

·       Betsy Biele

·       Ira Yankwitt

·       Jean Thomases

·       Grace Lile

·       Seth Borgos

·       Rachel Hyman

·       Aliza Cord

·       Barbara Gross

·       Emma Missouri


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