On the second Saturday of the month, there is KOLOT K'TANIM, a monthly Shabbat learning and celebration of Shabbat and holidays. The dates for 5774 are: 10/10/13, 11/9/13, 12/14/13, 1/11/14, 2/8/14, 3/8/14, 4/12/14, 5/10/14, and 6/10/14.

Information for Families with Kolot K’Tanim Students

Shabbat & holiday learning for families with 4-year-olds through 1st graders

Day & Times

  • 10am – noon one Shabbat a month
  • 10am: Breakfast & singing with our chazzan
  • 10:30-noon: Shabbat rituals (Kiddush, motzi, and more), learning about upcoming holidays, large group story time, art projects and activity stations set up for families to participate in at their own pace, group music and movement learning.


At Kolot (1012 8th Ave, between 10th and 11th Streets)

Please note: this program is designed for families to participate in TOGETHER. Activities and discussions will be structured to facilitate parents helping and learning alongside their children.




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