High Holy Days 5775

      Signing up for High Holy Days avodah -- prayer in action, work of the heart, and service to the community -- is one way to support the values that bring you to Kolot, and to connect with the people that bring those values to life. Kolot does not have tickets nor require a donation for the High Holy Days, though we do ask for contributions. In so many ways, it is our community's Avodah that makes our inclusiveness possible. Please sign up for your Avodah shift here. Contact student rabbi Heath Mackenzie Reynolds with any questions:

      Remember! Kolot does not require tickets or reservations to any High Holy Days service.

      • Location Key
        CF = Camp Friendship, 339 8th St. (between 5th & 6th Ave.)
        MT = Mission for Today, 298 6th Ave. (at 2nd St.)
        KC = Kolot Chayeinu, 1012 Eighth Ave. (between 10th & 11th St.)
        PP = Prospect Park sukkah, just inside the park between 4th and 5th St., off Prospect Park West. Sukkah is available for anyone’s use. You must bring all you need (paper goods, lights, garbage bags, etc) and take everything out. Sign up to use the Sukkah!
        PSJC = Park Slope Jewish Center, 1320 8th Ave. (at 14th St.)
        Erev Rosh HaShanah: Wednesday 9/24, MT
        5:30 PM LGBTQ & allies dinner; more details below
        6 PM Service I
        8:30 PM Service II                                                                                                    click image of Sukkot flyer to view larger
        Rosh HaShanah — 1st Day: Thursday 9/25, MT
        10 AM Breakfast
        10:30 AM Service
        11 AM Family service for children ages 4 to 9 CF
        12:15 PM Puppet show singalong with performer/educator Ora Fruchter and friends CF
        1:30 PM Lunch for entire community CF
        3:30 PM Tashlich — communal ritual, rain or shine (location TBD) PP
        Rosh HaShanah — 2nd Day: Friday 9/26, MT
        10 AM Service with guest leader Student Rabbi Heath Mackenzie Reynolds and Cantor Lisa B. Segal with Rabbi Ellen Lippmann, Torah reading by Robert Berkman, haftarah by Eric and Sacha Sloan, and d’var Torah by Rabbi Alissa Wise
        1 PM Conversation with three of Kolot’s teens who have spent time in the Middle East: Danya Levy and Rachel Cockrill, who spent the summer in Israel, and Noah Chasek-MacFoy, who lived the past two years in Egypt. What did they see? What is their understanding of that experience? How was that experience affected for them by being Jewish? 
        Shabbat Shuvah Saturday 9/27 MT
        9 AM Torah study for this Sabbath of Return
        10 AM Breakfast
        10:30 AM Service with Torah reading and d’var Torah by Dr. Lisa Grant of HUC-JIR
        Kol Nidre: Friday 10/3, MT
        On Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur we welcome you to wear white as a symbol of purity, to refrain from wearing leather to honor all life, and when entering/exiting the service, to engage in quiet conversation or contemplation to honor the holiness of this day.
        6 PM Service I
        8:30 PM Service II
        Yom Kippur: Saturday 10/4, MT
        10 AM Service
        11 AM Family service CF
        1:30 PM Adult learning: “Sustaining Music, Changing Music.” Hear Kolot member and acclaimed composer Marty Ehrlich speak to the roles doubt and faith play in his music and musical practice.
        3:30 PM Afternoon service including creative interpretations of Jonah and Avodah
        5 PM Yizkor—Memorial Service
        6:30 PM Neilah—Concluding Service
        7:30 PM Community Break-Fast
        Sukkot: Wednesday 10/8, PP
        2 PM Sukkah building and decorating
        6:30 PM Veggie Potluck Picnic dinner, candles, kiddush, lulav and etrog, and holiday singing in Sukkah
        Sukkot: Thursday 10/9 PSJC Sukkah
        6:30 PM Kolot Chayeinu and the Park Slope Jewish Center present Rabbi Arthur Waskow speaking about Shmitta, the sabbatical year that begins now: History, current reflections, action.
        Shabbat during Sukkot: Saturday 10/11, KC
        9 AM Torah study
        10 AM Breakfast
        10:30 AM Shabbat Sukkot service
        1:30 – Open House: Kiddush and veggie potluck lunch in Kolot PP
        3:30 PM sukkah. Meet Kolot members and staff, and find out more about Kolot.
        What's Next, Kolot?: Tuesday 10/14, PP
        6:30 PM Join the What’s Next team for a conversation about Judaism’s big questions: Does our kind of Judaism have a future? Where is it headed? What do American Jews now seek from their religious experience? How is this expressed in worship, education, family, life cycle, identity? Are Kolotniks representative or are we outliers?
        Simkhat Torah: Thursday 10/16, KC
        6 PM Light supper
        6:30 PM For kids and adults of all ages: celebrate the New Year for Torah. We read the end and the beginning. Communal celebration and dancing with Torah, featuring Kolot friends Patrick Farrell/Michael Winograd Duo.
        8:15 PM Brooklyn-wide celebration with Torah — hakafot and dancing — at Grand Army Plaza

        >> view larger schedule or download the entire High Holy Days brochure.




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