Eitz Kehillah Social Justice Facilitation Committee

Eitz Kehillah treeThe Social Justice Facilitation Committee can help! Are you someone who is eager to be more involved in social justice at Kolot? What would make our Kolot community, our neighborhood/s, our City a better place for all? In these uncertain times, there is no shortage of issues to address and no better place to address them then with Kolot Chayeinu.

Let our new Eitz Kehillah Social Justice Facilitation Committee help you get your project off the ground. We are experienced organizers and directors of social justice projects in many areas. Our job is to help you turn your vision into reality. We’ll help you decide if you have the people, resources, clarity to make your project work.

Contact us at eksocialjustice.com@gmail.com or 718-930-5191 and we'll tell you about next steps.


"…My dream is not that an amazing organizer organizes another project. No, my dream is much bigger. My dream is that every single member of Kolot Chayeinu and all of you who are not members will do one act of justice this year. By one act, I do not mean putting a quarter in a tzedakah box, though I might mean making a tzedakah box and collecting all year, then deciding where to give it. I mean taking a monthly slot at the new shelter and cooking a meal or spending the night. I mean writing letters to legislators on an issue that is important to you. I mean organizing others to advocate for a solution you come up with. I mean your Judaism is in your hands. It is not across the sea or up in heaven, as our Torah portion for Yom Kippur says, so that you need someone else to go get it for you. No, it is in your mouth and in your heart, and you can do it.

This is a big switch for us. We have been used to a model in which our social justice committee decides what it is going to work on and does it, and then tries to get people involved, and others call or write them and say, "I think you should do this." The new answer is, "There is no committee that will do, and there is no this, without you." And if you think it is just you, note that I too have to bring my ideas for projects to this committee. So do members of the committee, as one ruefully said to me not long ago. You are all created in the image of an active God. You all have the potential for just action toward justice, the ability to right the world's imbalance, the chance to model justice and mercy."
  — Rabbi Ellen Lippmann

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