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Early Childhood

Amanda Miller, K'tanim and TorahTots, is a writer, actor, yoga instructor, massage therapist and Community Word Project trained teaching artist who has been teaching in NYC's Jewish community since 2011. She recently performed her solo comedy How To Suffer Better 23 times in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She is also the creator and performer of the solo show One Breath, Then Another, based on her memoir of the same title, about her path into the healing arts. www.onebreaththenanother.com.

Niko Bialek, K'tanim and TorahTots, is an early childhood educator and caregiver working with children ages birth-8. At Kolot, Niko teaches TorahTots and K'tanim and is a Co-Chair of the Queer and Trans working group. Outside Kolot, Niko is a part-time nanny/caregiver, a student at Brooklyn College, a collaborating organizer of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice’s Children’s Purim Carnival, and recently joined the planning committee at Little Chairs, Big Differences. When Niko is not spending their time with small humans, they are usually spending time with their medium dog, Reggie.

Children's Learning Program

Amanda Miller, Kitah Bet. See above. 

Zacharay Wager-Scholl, Kitah Gimmel, is a cultural worker and artist, and has been an educator at Kolot Chaiyenu for the past four years. He is a member of Jews For Racial & Economic Justice, and The Aftselakhis Spectacle Committee making vibrant, diasporic, queer, intergenerational purimshpiln. Zachary is the product of a Queens, NY Ashkenazi Jew and a spiritual-yet-agnostic ex-southern baptist, and thus sings Yiddish songs while frying catfish. Zachary loves cooking & studying ethnography of food, backpacking and spending time in the woods, and ocean swimming.

Rivkah Woldin, Kitah Gimmel. 

Rachel Aronson, Kitah Daled, has worked on a community farm, lived in an environmental co-op, and planted gardens on her fire escape to bridge her passions for building community and being around fresh-grown vegetables. During the day, you can find Rachel working at Hazon to support environmental education and action across the Jewish community. Rachel is a former Emerson National Hunger Fellow and has a Bachelor of Arts in cultural anthropology from the University of Vermont.

Irene Siegel, Kitah Daled. 

Diya Qazeili Moushahwar, Kitah Hay, loves to learn, sing, and dance. They share the joy that they find in the world and in Judaism through teaching at Kolot Chayeinu as well as at a Jewish day school on the Upper West Side. Diya is originally from Detroit, but the community they have found in Washington Heights is becoming their home. They have longheld goals of one day speaking as many languages as their Teta.

Ethan Cohen, Kitah Hay, is the communications coordinator for Kolot Chayeinu. He has evaluated scripts for and organized the archives of several theatre and literary companies, mostly in downtown Manhattan. He has co-facilitated anti-Islamophobia trainings at Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ) and marshaled Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) actions. A playwright-musician, he studied English and history at Vassar College.

Maya Webne-Behrman, Circle Time, is so excited to be joining the family at Kolot Chayeinu! A native of Madison, Wisconsin, Maya spends most of her time making music with anyone who will join. While she is a classically-trained violinist and vocalist, Maya also enjoys traveling, running around with dogs, and exploring in nature. Maya began teaching at her local synagogue when she was in high school and is continually intrigued by new learning styles and techniques. Kolot Chayeiu is the perfect fit for Maya because she is inspired by communities that are all-accepting and strive to make the world a better place.

B'nai Mitzvah Program

Avi Amon, Tale of 4 Cities and Kol HaEidot, is a composer, pianist, sound artist, and educator. He’s had works developed or presented by: Actors Theatre of Louisville, Yale REP, BAM, Lincoln Center, La Mama, and in a 100-year old grain Silo in Buffalo, NY. He educates about diversity in the Jewish community and performs regularly with Kaleidoscope. Avi is also a volunteer composer for the 52nd Street Project. Upcoming: Salonika, a fusion of obscure fairy tales paralleled with the extermination of the Ladino-speaking Jewish community of Salonika, Greece. www.aviamon.com.

Zacharay Wager-Scholl, Hebrew 2 and Electives. See above. 

Paul Sperry-Fromm, Hebrew 2 and Electives. 

Ethan Cohen, What's Up?! See above. 

Hadar Ahuvia, What's Up?!, is a performer, choreographer and educator who makes work grounded in physical research and political consciousness. She was a 2012  DTW/NYLA Fresh Tracks Artist, a 2015 Movement Research Artist in Residence, a 2016 LABA Fellow at the 14th Street Y, and is the recipient of a 2017 CUNY Dance Initiative residency, and ETM Residency with composer Avi Amon. Hadar performs with Reggie Wilson / Fist and Heel Performance Group, and organizes with Jews for Racial and Economic Justice. She has worked at Kolot since 2012, wearing many hats and serving as Assistant Director of the CLP for three years. Her current project de-colonizes Israeli folk dances through mulitmedia workshops and performances. HadarAhuvia.com.


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