Annual Congregation Meeting

SUNDAY, MAY 21 @ 4-7pm
The Berkeley Carroll Upper/Middle School
181 Lincoln Place (between 7th & 8th Ave), 1st floor Gymnasium
Light nosh served. 

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Why should I attend the Congregation Meeting?

Annual congregation meetings bring together the Board of Directors, Staff, Lay Leaders, and the congregants to discuss the state of Kolot Chayeinu / Voices of Our Lives, the challenges we have tackled and still face together, and where we're heading for our foreseeable future.

Each year, the congregation votes on the Board of the Directors. YOU get a voice in who are the leaders of Kolot! 

Discuss: The Congregation is leaping forward. Who are we and who are we becoming as we transition into the future? 

Vote: On the leaders of the Kolot community. The Nominating Committee presents Barbara Gross as a board nominee (we are currently only filling one position on the board). Read Barbara's bio here to inform your vote. 

Speak up: Share your opinions on the trajectory of Kolot Chayeinu. 

As we are all too aware, this year especially requires all hands on deck to determine the right leadership for the bumpy but hopeful road ahead.

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