Annual Congregation Meeting 2017 / 5777

The annual Congregational Meeting for the year 2017/5777 is scheduled for May 21.  Time & Location TBD.  

This meeting is where the Board of Directors, Staff, Lay Leaders, and the congregants all come together to discuss the state of Kolot Chayeinu / Voices of Our Lives, the challenges we both tackled and still face together, and where we're heading for our foreseeable future (including the final year with our founding rabbi!)

One the main things that happens at the meeting each year is the vote on the Board of the Directors.  YOU get a voice in who are the leaders of Kolot and can vote for the slate or nominate someone you think would be great!  As a lead up to that, the Board is happy to announce that Nominating Committee has been formed:


In accordance with our Bylaws, the Board has formed a Nominating Committee, comprised of both Board and non-Board members to recruit, review, and help elect a new Board member. See responsibilities here. The Nominating Committee members are:

Julie Dressner (board), Chair
Allegra Fishel
Dahlia Goldenberg
Bobbie Samet
Liz Schalet (board),
David Stevens (board).

Members of the congregation may submit names to the committee for consideration on the committee slate. Please submit names to Julie Dressner,

The Nominating Committee will present a Committee Slate with a board nominee (we are currently only filling one position on the board) in the end of April. 
Individuals may also be nominated for any Director or Officer position by a nominating petition signed by any eighteen (18) Members in Good Standing and submitted to Richard Greenspan, Secretary, two weeks before the date of the election. Contact Richard Greenspan at:  

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