The Cantor

Ashira v’azameira. Ura k’vodi. I will sing and chant. Awake, O my soul!

 -- Psalm 57

What a deep pleasure it is to awaken my soul every day in the company of Kolot Chayeinu!  Whether singing under the Tallis Tree in Prospect Park or in our Shabbat sanctuary, praying together during the High Holy Days, marching together to support car washeros, $15 wage minimums for fast food workers or supporting Black Lives Matter, joining together for mourning or dancing with the Torah, I am moved and honored and inspired to be your cantor. Plus I get to share the bimah with our wonderful Rabbi and work with our extraordinary staff, Board and lay leaders…how great is that?

I look forward to continued collaboration with you – on and off the bimah - all in the sacred endeavor of creating our community, every day.  And soon I will be recording and sharing the Jewish music that matters to me.

This is THE MUSIC I LOVE that I hope might inspire you, as well.

WERE YOU THERE is the opening number for the concert I curated for AJR on March 26, 2014: D'var Shirah - Music Meets Text at the Red Sea.  The evening was about energizing and inspiring us for the Passover season.  The concert embodied the Academy's vision of rabbinic and cantorial partnership in new and profound ways, connecting spoken word and musical expression in beautiful harmony.

“Imagine a world in which music is playing all the time. Imagine hearing a song in every breath you take, in every step you make. Imagine a life in which every move you feel the inner rhythm.” -- Rabbi Simon Jacobson, from his essay on Jewish song called Soul Transportation:

Here’s to your inner melody and rhythm, with blessing and song,

Cantor Lisa B. Segal

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HINEI MA TOV, a piece I did in an Off the Bimah concert, featuring Rabbi Zoe B. Zak.

Olam Chesed Yibane

When the World is Sick


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