Kolot Board Member Responsibilities

Each member of the Kolot Chayeinu Board of Directors is responsible for:

  • Assuming the legal and fiduciary obligations specific in Kolot’s By-laws
  • Committing to the 3-year term to which elected or to the length remaining in such a term if appointed by the Board to fill a vacant slot
  • Regularly attending Board meetings. The Kolot Board meets each month (11 times a year with a 1 or 2 month hiatus during the summer) and, occasionally, in additional special sessions (in-person or by phone). Each Board member is expected to attend 10 of 12 in-person Board meetings and participate in special sessions.
  • Responding to email/correspondence/phone calls by other Board members, the Kolot staff and/or other Kolot leaders with whom they are working in a timely manner
  • Participating in Board and committee work, including taking a leadership role[1]
  • Making an annual financial contribution (“Board gift”) to Kolot above and beyond any dues/fees of an amount that is significant to them[2].
  • Participating in fundraising activities
  • Providing expertise, advice, guidance and leadership
  • Helping promote Kolot, raise our profile among our networks, act as an ambassador of Kolot and help expand Kolot’s membership
  • Attending Kolot events and programs, including religious services (Shabbat or holidays) over the course of the congregational year. The diversity and difference of every Board member’s relationship to such activities and personal religious practice is greatly respected by Kolot and Kolot Board members should be familiar with our activities and services and attend them and/or holiday celebrations on occasion.
  • Helping with High Holy Day needs
  • Helping identify potential new Board leaders and leaders in the community
  • Participating in acts of Gemilut Hasadim 1 time a year
  • Respecting the holiness of leadership at Kolot

[1] Participation as a Board member ought not displace or add to one’s existing committee work, but should be integrated with it to the maximum extent possible.

[2] In keeping with Kolot’s respect of and commitment to the economic diversity of our congregation, this gift may be of any amount and be made at any time during the congregational year, including in installments. 


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