Ways to Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved at and through Kolot, and we honor the range and variety of the talents and experiences our members bring to the community.

For starters, learn about the benefits of membership at Kolot Chayeinu, and consider strengthening our community by becoming a member!


Queer & Trans Working Group: This group works to advance queer and trans inclusivity, establish cultural competency across Kolot membership and staff, and support Kolot as a visible queer and trans-embracing Jewish congregation. Contact Director of Learning and Action Franny Silverman

Race Working Group: Leading us to embrace anti-racism as a core mission of our Kolot Chayeinu community, the RWG provides opportunities for external learning and internal questioning. Contact Director of Learning and Action Franny Silverman

Israel/Palestine Working Group: Join this nascent group of Kolot members who span the spectrum of views on Israel/Palestine to commit to focused and long-term thinking around how Kolot intersects as a congregation with issues of Israel/Palestine. Contact Director of Learning and Action Franny Silverman

Social Justice Committee: Help deepen Kolot's involvement in social justice issues. Kolot's Social Justice Committee communicates primarily through a designated Facebook page and focuses on issues of workers’ rights, voting rights, climate change, and immigrants and refugees, each with its own subcommitteeContact Chair Susan Hamovitch.

Gemilut Chasadim/Acts of Loving Kindness: Help support Kolot members at times of need, including birth, death, illness, loss, or joy. Contact Cantor Segal

Multiracial Families Network: Connect with other multiracial families at Kolot for events and holidays. Contact Director of Learning and Action Franny Silverman

Spiritual Life

Cafe Kolot is a monthly minyan of Kolot Chayeinu, meeting in cafes, music venues and homes, led by Student Rabbi Miriam Grossman. We alternate celebrating Kabbalat Shabbat and Havdalah*, all with exuberant song, welcoming community, and our full political selves. All ages welcome! Join the Cafe Kolot Facebook group for updates!
*Kabbalat Shabbat is welcoming Shabbat, the day of rest, on Friday nights. Havdalah concludes Shabbat on Saturday with wine, spices, and fire.

Shamas: Ideally at each each service, two volunteers help with set up, greet everyone who comes, and help put things away after. It's a great way to meet Kolot's worship community. For more information or to shamas at Shabbat morning services, contact Kathy August. To talk about shamasing at Friday night services, or at Shabbat Sheli, Kolot's monthly interactive service for families with young children, contact Cantor Segal

Breakfast: Donate a Shabbat morning breakfast! Sign up to bring breakfast to services by 9:30am and help with set up. For more information or to volunteer, contact Damon Halperin.

Participating in Services: Contact Kolot member Sheryl Eisenberg if you would like to chant Torah or write and present a D'var Torah, a brief commentary on the week's Torah portion or another theme, at Shabbat morning services. Help is available for those new to this process. We are always looking for people who can read or chant Torah for Shabbat and holiday services. We also welcome volunteers who would like to sing or play an instrument during Shabbat or holiday services. If you know the liturgy or would like to learn it, contact Cantor Segal.

Membership & Administration

Education Committee: Support the Children's Learning Program. Contact Ed Committee co-chairs Ellen and Andrea at KolotEdCommittee@gmail.com

Membership Committee: Help to recruit, welcome, and connect with both current and new members throughout the year. This is especially important in Kolot Chayeinu's current time of transition. Contact membership@kolotchayeinu.org.

Tachlis/Administration: Help us keep things running smoothly! Sign people into meetings, do large mailings, make phone calls, organize our office and storage room, and more. Contact Executive Director Sherri Levine

Other: If you have skills you'd like to contribute that don't seem to have an obvious match with the above, contact Franny Silverman or Sherri Levine

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